Sunday, October 24, 2010

Port Townsend, WA---Cleanest Cars in the USA

 Thanks to Brooke  Little and her family, the town of Port Townsend, WA has the cleanest cars around----and over $2000 was raised for the children of Ethiopia in the process.  Last weekend, the whole town turned out to support the Little's car wash in a big way.  In addition to Brooke who was adopted with her sister Marta 10 years ago, the Little's have four other Ethiopian children adopted through AAI.   The local paper did a nice story on their fundraising project and you can read it here.  

 Mom Chris had this to say about the day! 

Recipe for a car wash:

Take one great cause.

Add a committed Layla House alumni.

Stir in a beautiful, sunny fall day.

Mix in many helpful volunteers.

Cover with people with dirty cars and open wallets.

Bake with lots of enthusiasm.

Remove from oven after 5 hours and enjoy sending over $2,000 to kids in Ethiopia.

Last spring parents Bob and Chris Little brought five of their six  Ethiopian children back to Ethiopia to see the country and visit birth family. Read the post about their visit here.   In just two weeks Brooke and her mom will return and Brooke will remain as a Layla House volunteer for four months!   We are sure it will be a wonderful experience for her as well as for the children at Layla.

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  1. Awesome! Go, Brooke and Chris! Looking forward to meeting you in (yikes) a couple of weeks.