Monday, October 11, 2010

Adopting Older Children--a great story

As many of  you know, AAI is well-known for adoption of older and special needs children. Recently we received these photos and a the following nice note from parents who adopted these  handsome older boys from Ethiopia several years ago.   


We adopted two older boys 3 years ago from Ethiopia.  Two brother ages 9 and 12.  We brought them home on a Friday,  they started school  five days later and have never looked back.  I kept waiting for some minor meltdown and it never happened.  Our sixteen year old,  Sintayehu is on the honor roll and plays varsity soccer and our 12 year old, Wondemagegn,  is swimming and playing soccer.  

We also went back and adopted their 17 year old brother Daniel.   In the  first year he was here, he started driving, working part time and is attending the community college across the street from us.  He has made friends and adjusted well.   The boys have stayed in touch with many of their friends that live in the Midwest and also as far as California.  We had a group of  them come in for culture camp and then stay a couple of nights here and then with another family that lives close by.   So just a note to let  you know that all three are doing well  and we couldn’t be prouder. 

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  1. This is so encouraging as we are about to bring home a ten year old girl next month (hopefully!). Your boys are so handsome!