Monday, October 25, 2010

Ethiopian Bright Futures Fund

AAI has recently created the Ethiopian Bright Futures Fund to provide for the children whom we have cared for but have been unable to place for adoption.  Recently seven girls who had lived at Layla House for several years were determined to be above the age eligible for a visa to the United States.  We are committed to ensuring that they have a “bright future” ---a good education and the ability to live independently—in the country of their birth.  The girls are all now attending a good boarding school outside of Addis that will help them re-integrate into Ethiopian society.  We expect to be placing several other children in this or similar situations over the coming year.  This is a group sponsorship program and donors will receive a periodic newsletter about the children's progress.  We welcome one-time as well as recurring donations to this Fund.  Please contact Brooke Cole for more information.  

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