Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary Merrily and Ted!

Merrily and Ted Ripley, AAI's founders, recently celebrated their 50th anniversary.  Merrily submitted the following post and pictures of the happy occasion.
 Merrily, Ted, Seneca and Raven

Yes, 50 years of marriage this year!  The wedding was in 1961.  We were very young and had many challenges ahead but we were committed to being together.  Eventually Ted graduated from law school and I graduated as well; we gave birth to kids, adopted even more kids, moved to Port Angeles, started AAI and much more.  All the while we enjoyed life, did lots of traveling and have felt all along that we were very fortunate people.
The next generation and cousins
Last week we celebrated with a party which included many of our kids, other relatives and  long time friends.  Seven from our original wedding party attended as well as friends I have had since 4th grade.  My brother came from Thailand and our son Nate, his wife Mesky and our grandson Adam came from Ethiopia.  We are now sharing our lives with two grandchildren, Seneca-6 and Raven-9  whom we have adopted.   It was a joy to have them there to meet everyone.    There were flowers, good food, and lots of laughs and memories.  I had made a display of wedding gifts still in use after 50 years; folks were very interested. 
Ted had a lot of stories to tell!
The AAI Family Tree Quilt hung at one end of the room and we had a display telling of the need for sponsorships for orphan children to remain in school in Ethiopia.  I am very happy to say that a total of $785 was raised at the party.


  1. Happy Anniversary and congratulations, Merrily & Ted. It sounds like you are blessed to be a big blessing! Many more,

    kristen sunna
    mom to 4 & home with Sorette (from ET- 13 mo.) since July, 2010 thanks to AAI

  2. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for doing so much with your lives! You have blessed us all!

  3. Happy Anniversary! May God continue to bless you and your family for all the wonderful work you do!

  4. Congratulations, Merrily and Ted! You continue to inspire us in so many ways!

    Dan Clemens & Vicki Krueger (parents to your "escortees" Meseret and Endris and 7 others)