Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Layla House Playground is Fixed!

The deteriorating quality of the Layla House soccer area has been a big concern for quite some time.  Almost two years ago, we raised what we thought we would need to fix it only to have skyrocketing construction costs outpace our budget.  Finally though, we are happy to report that the necessary repairs have just been completed thanks to a number of generous gifts from our AAI family.   The soccer/play area is in constant use of course and the deepening cracks were a safety issue.  The photos below show the area under construction (drainage being added for help in rainy season) and the the beautiful smooth surface that is now present.  

Thank you!!  On to the next seat covers for our aging vans, anyone???


  1. Mebrate and Roba say they want to come play!!!!! Looks good they are happy for the kids to have a nice play area and sport area!!!!
    Bridget Kocis

  2. Wow! This looks amazing! I remember all of the re-bar sticking out in crazy places wondering how the kids never seemed to fall on it. This is really wonderful!