Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Awards Ceremony at Layla School

post by Julie Hehn, Layla School Director
Last Friday we had our quarterly awards ceremony for Layla school.  It is always a great time to celebrate the accomplishments of our students.  Each group has a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award presented along with a awards given for working hard and being a strong community member.

We had four children perform on recorders with our music teacher Gutu accompanying them.  One of our older students, Mesfin (in photo above) shared a poem he wrote about Layla School and the teachers there.

Our program was a bit different than usual as we were fortunate to have two volunteers that were very musical working with us over this month.  Scott and Barbara have been assisting Gutu with his music classes. They have worked hard with each group on a special song which they performed during our ceremony.  You have not lived until you hear our children sing "You are my Shun Shine, my only Shun Shine.  You make me Hoppy, when Skies are Great!"  It was precious!

I know the children LOVED performing and as you can tell by the volunteers' smiles they had as good a time, if not better, than the children!

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