Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Akwwaaba Gathering for Ghana adoptees in Freeport, IL

A number of AAI-Ghana families gathered for an "Akwaaba" (means 'welcome' in a principal Ghana language) reunion in Freeport, IL last weekend.  The gathering was not organized by AAI but most of the families in attendance had children who were formerly in AAI's Eban House in Accra.  Anita Gillispie, AAI's Ghana coordinator and mom to two Ghanaians herself, attended the gathering with her family from Tulsa, OK.  She reported that all the children had a wonderful time reconnecting with each other and celebrating Ghanaian culture together with their "obruni" parents and siblings.  Lots of old friendships were renewed and new ones made and the group is already planning for a future event.  To learn more about AAI's Ghana adoption program, contact Anita Gillispie or check out this link.

 Activities included Ghanaian music and games, hair care, drumming and lots of swimming, bubbles and whiffleball.  A very good time was had by all and the event was even covered by a local paper and you can see the article at this link

below:  Anita Gillispie playing the Ghana version of "duck, duck goose" with a group of children and parents.

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