Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas celebration in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Hi all, We just received this short report about the Holiday Celebration in Dire Dawa funded by contributions to the AAI Holiday Project. Thanks again everyone for making our Holiday Project the most successful ever. We should be getting a description and photos from the Layla celebrations soon.

(group of sponsored children in their new clothes)


Adoption advocate international works in partnership with the Dire Dawa Administration women’s affair bureau and 41 children are included in our sponsorship program. Mainly those selected children are orphan and vulnerable who really needs our help and assistance. They have different backgrounds and passed through different misery in their life. Thus, the women’s affair bureau examined the problem and finally settles on working together with AAI to lessen the problem and brighten their future. We have been working jointly for three year and still AAI is supporting the needy ones.

(staff distributing the clothing to the sponsored students)

Currently the selected 41 disadvantaged children are being able to follow their schooling and lining up their future. Moreover by the money given from our office the children are pleasing their needs and making big efforts to get in touch with their long-term valued and esteemed ambitions. All of the sponsored children are very bright in their schooling. They are children with potential to see a better tomorrow. To keep the children move forward and at the bright spark A.A.I had a little gathering for Christmas with all our sponsored kids. Presents were given for the holiday and the children were thrilled to get their presents. We tried to make the present useful for the children thus; we enclosed clothing that will help them all through the year. There were also soft drinks, cookies and Christmas cake for the celebration and the children were eating, dancing & having a magnificent time. The ecstasies of the children were very pleasing too see and all of them were passing their appreciation to their sponsor families for the gift.
(top performing student cutting the celebration cake)

The program celebrated in the company of invited guests like community members, police officers, different government and non governmental organizations were at the program. We had also media coverage (Dire Television program).

In the mean time discussion was held about child trafficking in Dire Dawa city and how different concerning bodies have to play their part by focusing on the problem and get to the bottom of the crisis together in harmony. Since the issue was very concerning and broad the respected guests agreed to discuss the topic some other time.

Reported by: - Eyerusalem Tesfay
January 6, 2010

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