Thursday, August 20, 2009

Supplies for Layla House!

Many of our waiting parents keep themselves busy by conducting supply drives for the children of AAI's Layla House in Ethiopia or Eban House in Ghana. These kinds of projects are a great way of helping to raise awareness in their communities and they also give people a practical way to help orphaned children.

Donovan and Julie Witmer of PA (photos above) collected some 300 pairs of shoes, many socks, and enough money to pay the extra baggage allowance for carrying them all over when they travel to Ethiopioa to pick up their baby. With over 150 children at Layla House and a number of partner orphanages, you can imagine what our need for sturdy shoes on an ongoing basis is!

The Santana family of FL also conducted a supply drive and collected some 600 pounds of needed items---school supplies, backpacks, toiletries, etc. for the children of Layla House. They will be traveling soon to pick up their new 11 year old daughter Letarik and delivering their bounty.

We are so grateful to the many families who choose to "give back" in this way.....and it is certainly a good strategy for surviving the wait until your new child comes home. For more information on what is needed and tips on conducting your own supply drive for either Layla House in Ethiopia or Eban House in Ghana, contact Susan Poisson-Dollar at

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