Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Uganda--You Passed it On--THANK YOU!!!

We wish to thank everybody who so freely gave to assist the care needs of the 7 sisters in Uganda yesterday.  Because of you, we met our goal!  In fact, the goal was SURPASSED!!!  [Donors will be contacted about the overage.]

To date we have not had anybody sign up to be an ongoing sponsor for the 7 girls.  Please, if you can give in an ongoing way towards the girls' care, consider doing so.  $65 a month would cover one girl each month, but if you can sign up to give a recurring donation of another amount, that still helps.  These fees ($1200) recur ever 3 months and it would be ideal to have a recurring donation base for the care and protection of these girls until a permanent family can be found for them in Uganda.

Thank you again!

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