Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun in Wenatchee!

A group of AAI families gathering at a state park in Wenatchee, WA over the past Fourth of July Weekend.  By Saturday evening, there were over 150 people there attending a cookout planned by Chris Little, the event organizer and AAI Board President.  A highlight of the weekend was a panel discussion featuring about a dozen older Ethiopian adoptees discussing and answering questions about their unique experiences. Families also enjoyed games, marshmallow roasting, swimming, bike-riding and hanging out with old and new friends.  Below are some photos of the weekend taken by Marta Little, Jessica Alderson (AAI Volunteer) and Susan Poisson-Dollar (AAI Director of Development).  Director Merrily Ripley and her husband and grandchildren were also in attendance. 

Oh, yes there was Ethiopian dancing!

And doro wat cooked on a campstove...

the older kids fielding questions and talking about their experiences

more members of the panel

AAI Volunteer Jessica enjoyed seeing some old friends from Layla House

Impromptu hair-braiding sessions went on all weekend

Old and new friends enjoyed each other's company

The games Chris planned were a big hit and helped keep us all cool in the hot weather.

Hula-hooping contest with the AAI Family Tree Quilt in the background

The teen set could not get enough socializing in!

There was always a line to try out this cool bike that Chris brought

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