Thursday, September 9, 2010

AAI's new Uganda Program

AAI is so pleased to be offering adoption services in the country of Uganda and we are actively seeking families for this ‘pilot program.’ Families that agree to be in a pilot program need to be flexible and patient as AAI works out the inevitable “kinks” that arise in any new program, especially in a country that is newly opened to foreign adoption.

Our Uganda coordinator, who has also adopted from that country, is Salem Richards and she provided the following initial description of the program and some photos from her own travels there.


Uganda is a beautiful country that was once famously called the "Pearl of Africa".  It is also tragically a country of an estimated 2 million orphans. 

This program is open to couples and singles.  One parent must be over age 25 and if married, must be married for more than one year. 

We will be looking for families for children of all ages!   Both boys and girls are in need but there are often more boys than girls available at any particular time.   

Travel is required for at least one parent. We expect one trip of 4-6 weeks or two shorter trips of 7-10 days each. 

 Adoption is becoming more popular in Uganda but is still a fairly new concept for many and we need families who will work with us to pave the way. 

If you are interested in learning more, contact Salem Richards directly at this link.  

 The Nile River

Salem and her family standing on the Equator
Street Scene in Kampala, the capitol city

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  1. Am I understanding it right that you may have to stay in the country for 4-6 weeks? Maybe I read it wrong?