Monday, March 29, 2010

New Equipment for Opportunity House

On my recent trip to Ethiopia, I had the pleasure of delivering two large boxes of specialized equipment to Opportunity House (OH), our facility for developmentally-disabled children.  At OH AAI cares for orphaned children, some of whom will be placed with adoptive families, and also provides critical daycare services for youngsters in the neighborhood.  Few such services are available in Ethiopia and many children with severe disabilities are simply abandoned because their parents cannot care for them or endure the stigma that having such a child has in Ethiopia.  At OH all of of the children receive loving care, good nutrition and specialized therapy and education to help them achieve their full potential.  It is so gratifying for the staff and parents to see the amazing progress some of the children have made in our care.

We are very grateful to Rifton Equipment for the beautiful new chairs shown in the photos below.  Special thanks to adoptive parent Nancy Simmons for connecting us with this great company. 

 Susan Poisson-Dollar, AAI Director of Development

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