Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Project Update!

Hi friends,

We still have a way to go to reach our 2009 Holiday Project goal. To read more about the project and to contribute online, go to this link:

Below is an update from Mandie Doak, our Holiday Project coordinator:
Hi Everyone!

Its that time again...

This week we raised $1640, bringing our total raised so far
to $9131. We still need to raise $12,499, to meet our goal. We still have a long
to go, but its coming along!

This week I have a challenge for you...

Last year, my then nearly 6 year old son, Leyton, searched every nook and cranny
of our home and cars, and came up with a little over $130 in coins that HE
dontated to the project. A few coins doesn't seem like much... until you add it
to the pot. I couldn't believe that he found that much laying around our house!

My challenge is to donate what you can.

Scrounge the couch cushions, empty the ashtray in your car... Turn in that extra
propane tank that's left over from summer... Can you go without your fancy coffee
for a day or two? How bout' a week? Can you pack your lunch this week? What
about having dinner 'in' this Friday, and watching a DVD from your collection
instead of the $15 movie at the theatre? Can you donate what you are doing
without this week, to the project? You'll be surprised how much you save, and
how much good it can do!

This is more than just a few gifts under a wilting Christmas tree on the soccer
field at Layla house... Help me to change lives forever...

Here is the weekly tally, and the updated #'s!

The breakdown is below...

Layla/Wanna/Opportunity House Kids
Goal $5700
Have $3570
Need $2130

L/W/O Caregivers/Staff
Goal $6570
Have $1400
Need $5170

Goal $4200
Have $1091
NEED $3109

Nazret Party
Goal $1000
Have $380
NEED $620

Goal $400
Have $280
NEED $120

Sele Enat
Goal $750
Have $390
NEED $360

Kidane Mihret
Goal $1000
Have $700
NEED $300

Goal $2010
Have $1320
NEED $690

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