Monday, October 26, 2009

A Roof Over Her Head...

.....thanks to our AAI Facebook Friends!

When Brooke Cole, our tireless AAI Sponsorship Coordinator, found out that one of our sponsorship children in Addis, was living alone at age 16 and that the roof on her tiny house had collapsed due to the recent rains, she made it a "Facebook Cause", and enough money was raised to repair Aster's roof. Brooke's report to the donors and sponsors is below:

Aster in the sponsorship office

Aster is a very independent young lady who has been in our sponsorship program since March of 2005. She lives alone and has no family support system, but manages to overcome her challenges as best she can.

This past summer we raised funds on Facebook to help repair the roof of her home to protect her from the torrential downpours of the rainy season in Ethiopia. We managed to raise $440 through the generosity of folks like you! Her home has now been repaired, and Aster is in deep gratitude for all our efforts to help ensure her comfort and safety. It enables her to continue to thrive and focus on her education without distractions. In an email that I received from one of our social workers, Elsa Moges, she stated how excited Aster was and that she passed her gratitude to all of us for our efforts to make this happen. Her neighbors and others in her community are also grateful for the work AAI has done to assist Aster. It is always such a joy for me to hear such news and know that our hard work is paying off. I thank each and every one of you for your dedication and support of our Sponsorship Programs.

Let’s continue to work together to give back to our communities, both locally and globally, to ensure a brighter tomorrow for all children.

With much gratitude as always,

Brooke Cole
Sponsorship Coordinator

Read our latest sponsorship newsletter at this link.

The roof completely repaired!

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