Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keeping our babies warm at night

Many wonderful volunteers contribute their time and talents to help AAI. One such person is Jean Snyder of Ocean Shores, WA who has "lost count" of the many beautiful quilts she has made for the babies of Wanna House. In addition to keeping the babies warm, they contribute joy and bright colors to the environment. Below Jean and her daughter hold up one of two beautiful quilts they have made for the silent auction at our upcoming AAI Summer Gathering at Warm Beach.
Jean writes:

"Sometime ago while I was visiting Merrily I saw a calendar of Ethiopian children. The pictures of the bright smiling children haunted me. My youngest grandchild has so much given to him by doting grandparents, aunts, uncles and great-grandparents. The contrast with children without family members able to provide for them and my own grandchildren was vast. It gives me great pleasure to play with my fabric and make quilts to comfort those special Ethiopian babies. Two years ago my daughter Cheryl Sharpe began quilting and just recently my granddaughter starting making quilts to send to Ethiopia as well. The three of us share ideas and help each other. I am truly blessed."

(Jean in her studio with a colorful baby quilt mid-process)


  1. The quilts are beautiful and I can't wait to see them in person! My husband and I were just in Ocean Shores this week and I had seen a woman with two children that we guessed were adopted from Africa. I wanted to go up and introduce myself and see if the kids were recently adopted, but I stopped myself. That would have been fun to make the connection. Now I will just have to do that at Warm Beach.

  2. The quilts are lovely and such warm effort for a the children is really cmmendable.There is a lot of voilence and bad happening around which is disturbing...but there are humans beings such as these that make the world a better place.