Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toddler time--news from Gail

Around January of this year we had as many as 14 toddlers at Layla house. The new current total though is only 7 as so many have left the last few months. These 7 are all boys, as our last toddler girl left Layla with her father last night. As one volunteer put it yesterday, we now have a toddler Frat House! Today two little boys were "promoted" to the Frat House and joined the class. They have recently learned to walk and are now confident in their walking, so they want to hang with the big boys!

The toddlers spend time in the mornings in class. They sit quietly these days as Debritu the teacher hands out books or toys for them. They are learning their colours and letters. They spend time outside too, and a new recent activity is playing with the Ikea trains.
We hope that some girls will come along soon to give the boys some competition!

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